Psych 333 (Independent Study in Psychological & Brain Sciences)
Enrollment Request Form

Use this form to request enrollment in Psychology 333 -- Independent Study. The requirements for Psychology 333 are described below. Please be sure to discuss the requirements with your faculty supervisor before submitting this form.
The following are some of the goals to be accomplished by engaging in Independent Study.

Engaging in the undergraduate research experience through Independent Study should:

    (1) expose the student to various aspects of empirical research and the functions of a psychology laboratory;
    (2) provide the student with the opportunity to practice and refine research skills;
    (3) give the student a deeper and fuller understanding of a particular topic or field of psychological inquiry;
    (4) promote and support research in the department and the discipline by providing researchers with interested, qualified assistants;
    (5) train the student interested in continuing in psychology to be prepared and effective in pursuing these goals and contributing to the scientific enterprise.
To accomplish these goals, the following guidelines and requirements are expected:
    (1) The student is expected to devote no fewer than 50 total hours by the end of the semester for which they are enrolled to aspects of the research for each unit of credit to be earned (1 unit = 50 hours, 2 units = 100 hours, 3 units = 150 hours). This includes working in the laboratory, attending laboratory meetings, meeting with supervisors, and reading material related to the project;
    (2) Appropriate, required readings will be assigned;
    (3) The student should meet with the supervisor in charge at the beginning of the semester and establish what is expected from each side. The student should be informed as to which project(s) s/he will be involved, and in what capacities s/he is expected to assist;
    (4) It is recommended that there be at least one assessment/feedback session during the course of the semester between the professor and student.
Assessment upon completion of the Independent Study is up to the supervisorís discretion. Papers, presentations, or discussions of material learned may be required, along with required readings. These requirements are to be outlined at the beginning of the semester.
Faculty supervisor: Please select a faculty supervisor from the list. You must have the faculty member approve your request BEFORE you submit this form. For faculty members not included in the drop-down list, a paper petition form is required, available from Shelley Kohlman in Psychology 207B.
Units of credit:
Grading option:
Cr/Ncr (Psych 333 can be taken only for Cr/Ncr.)
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When you submit this form a copy of your request will be sent to the selected faculty supervisor and to the undergraduate studies coordinator (Shelley Kohlman). I understand that Psychology 333 is an upper-level course and that it requires the prerequisite of satisfactory completion of Psychology 100B. I also understand that a maximum of 6 units of Psychology 333, AP, transfer, University College, cross-listed, and any other independent-study-type classes may be applied toward the requirements for the major in Psychology. It is understood that 3-4 hours per week, on average, are expected to be devoted to the work for each unit of credit (i.e., 10-12 hours per week for 3 units). Additional requirements (e.g., written report, presentation, readings) have been explained to me.